A Wooden Fordson Tractor Has Joined Our Fleet

tractor trailer for museum of english rural life

Our ever growing fleet of play tractors and machines has grown ever larger with another new tractor, this time for The Museum of English Rural Life in Reading. The rustic design was inspired by a ‘Fordson’ style tractor, made from oak and sweet chestnut – both durable timbers – with new tyres, a climb through tunnel, climb holds, authentic seat, and a steering wheel. We also built a trailer that children can climb in and out of.

work in progress fordson tractor for museum of english rural life
The Fordson tractor being made at our workshop
installing tractor for museum of english rural life
Installing the finished creation

This is a unique design, different from all our other play tractor creations, but it was another exciting creative project for us to undertake. See more of our play tractors and machines here and find out more about this particular design here.

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