Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything

gifts for children who have everything whiteWhat do you buy for the child who has it all? In the modern world where we have more than ever before, we have put together some ideas of gifts for kids who have everything as it becomes increasingly difficult to buy gifts that children actually want.

These are not your ordinary gifts. They are bespoke creations that will be loved by children and adults alike, and remembered for generations.

Give Them Their Own House

If your child already has a lot of toys, they might be taking up quite a lot of space in your house. What if you bought them their very own house (playhouse) so that they could make all the rules and keep their toys in one safe place? We make bespoke children’s playhouses that are fully customised to have everything a real house has including electrics, lights, heating, and running water… and further customisations are entirely possible. This truly is the ultimate gift for kids who have everything. Below is a small selection of our children’s playhouses, but you can see more playhouses here.

Make Them A King Or Queen

Children love playing make believe and so many little ones dream of being a king or queen, so why not give them their very own castle from which they can rule over their make-believe kingdom? We make castles of all sizes and styles to suit the tastes of your child. Is the bestowing of a kingdom the ultimate gift for kids who have everything? Below are some examples, but you can see more of our play castles here.

Let Them Be A Pirate

Dreams of piracy fill the heads of many youngsters who are blissfully unaware of the harsh reality of life at sea, making a living from pillaging the treasures of others. So let’s keep this fantasy child friendly! How about giving your child a pirate ship so that they can sail away to dream land? We make indoor and outdoor pirate ships of all sizes which are rather special gifts, even for children who have everything. See more of our play pirate ships here.

Create A Bedroom To Remember

A child’s bedroom is the one place in this world that they have full control over. Why not make it special? No matter whether your little one dreams of pirates, race cars, or anything else, we can make a themed bedroom they will remember for the rest of their lives. Take a look at some of our past bedroom creations here.

Creating Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything

Those are just a few ideas of gifts for kids who have everything, but our creations are limited only by your imagination. If you have an idea you would like to bring to life, please get in touch with us and we will discuss the different options. We love creative challenges and always find a way to make a project work; you dream it, we build it. We look forward to hearing from you.

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